Donation to Burns Centre

Under CSR, Pak Suzuki has donated Moist Plus Wound Dressing (Large & Small size) to Burns Centre on 4th June, 2021. Moist Plus Wound Dressing is much more effective for the treatment of burnt patients than conventional wound dressing, as it is less painful, fast in healing process & requires less frequency of dressings; it will also be helpful in minimizing mortality cases caused by burnt wound infections.

Burns Centre has been playing a vital role since 2005, in providing health care services, medical treatments, surgical procedures, etc. Burns Centre caters to Burnt patients suffering from more than 50 percent burn injuries (even around 80 percent) and operate them all free of cost.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lodi, Head Operations, Mr Muhammad Irfan Tariq, Head Corporate Planning from Pak Suzuki Motor Co. & Mr Muhammad Azmat Shigeyuki Ataka, Advisor-Resource Development Friends of Burns Centre attended the ceremony along with other officials.

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